This project, supported by numerous donors for The City of Tempe as a memorial for Mary O’Connor; is an investigation into the usage of parametric design processes, methods of digital fabrication and material adaptation. The goal was to create a generative and flexible retrofit strategy for the City’s existing transit shelters; a strategy that can be utilized to create an infinite number of designs each specific to its context and environment.

The transit shelter stands as an example of the power of collaborative efforts and the integration of traditional design methodology with new and emerging design and fabrication technologies. The Mary O’Connor Memorial Transit Shelter is neither a simple expression of material tectonics nor a legible response to contextual forces. As in mathematics, it is a system which generates performative solutions in a fully optimized manner. Its form is not reducible; it can only be associated to a complex set of design and fabrication parameters. Efficiency and simplification define the project as much as the formal, structural and material intelligence.

Project: Memorial Transit Shelter
Location: Tempe Arizona
Design + Fabrication: Asteriskos
Client: City of Tempe
Program: Public Works

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