What constitutes a museum today in the 21st century? Exactly this question forms the base to all accompanying questions within the AA Visiting School Program in Frankfurt/Rhein Main. The supreme discipline for an architect, a cultural building, will not be thought as a formalistic exercise, but rather as a neo-political question, a sociological development and territorial connection; allowing the design to form the answers.

Today’s central European landscape can be defined as a multiple image of a fragmented space with little dynamics within its territorial elements. A clear division towards the Hinterland is taking place resulting in a cultural split with the metropolitan space.

With a focus on the Rhein-Main area, its´ central power-house Frankfurt and the surrounding uplands, we aim at identifying, conceptualizing and realizing cross territorial supply chains to develop the Peripheral Museum of Contemporary Art. The museum exemplifies a cultural network through architectural interventions, which will redefine territorial strategies connecting the metropolitan with the Hinterland and vice versa; to broaden an exchange beyond political and economical boundaries.

Each year will focus on a different landscape and thematic strategy, developing various respective scenarios. Thereby, a unified policy with different levels of intensifications, new relations and negotiations within the territories and across the metropolitan space will be formed – the peripheral museum of contemporary art // PMCA.

While Last year visions for the Spessart have been thought through, 2016 will focus on the “Flughafen Wald“, an inner buffer zone.

Cultural Avenue HQ
Kennedyallee 100
60596 Frankfurt


16.05.2016 – 28.05.2016

Application Deadline

Friedrich Gräfling
Johanna Stemmler

Johanna Stemmler
T(+49)69 20167577


-> 2020 Skyscraper Competition Open For Participation

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