Agent Forms is a two-day intensive design and programming workshop by modeLab to be held in Brooklyn during the weekend of February 04-05, 2012. In a fast-paced and hands-on learning environment, this workshop will interrogate agent-based simulation and strategies for simple, low-level objects to generate higher order, dynamic, and visually rich forms. We will cover technical programming concepts including Control, Modularity, and Development while incrementally building the complexity of our objects and the relationships established across class contexts. Furthermore, we will utilize the power of the Processing environment and its to capacity to compute, visualize, and capture the behavior of large populations of agents.

This workshop will consist of a series of instructional lectures, open work sessions, and guided exercises, beginning with an introduction to Programming Concepts and Computational Geometry. The workshop is structured to allow each participant time to iteratively develop and capture virtual design prototypes. Throughout the weekend we will be capturing and uploading the videos of our Processing sketches to a group pool on the web to instigate a broader discourse surrounding our investigations. As part of a larger online infrastructure, modeLab, this workshop provides participants with continued support and knowledge to draw upon for future learning. Attendance will be limited to provide each participant maximum dedicated time with instructors.

– Programming Concepts :: Syntax, Structure, Vectors
– Control :: Variables, Conditionals, Loops
– Modularity :: Functions, Objects, Classes, Libraries
– Agent Methods :: Interaction, Behavior, Development
– Visualization :: Geometry, Time, Decay
– Capture :: Frame Recording + Video Compilation

– Instructors: Ronnie Parsons + Gil Akos | Partners, Studio Mode.
– All experience levels are welcome.
– All participants are required to bring their own laptops. Trial software will be made available.
– Registration Pricing (Limited Enrollment) : $550.
– Workshop Location : modeLab | Greenpoint, Brooklyn
– Workshop Hours : 10AM-6PM.

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