The AA Visiting School Hawaii is the Architectural Association School of Architecture’s workshop dedicated to the investigation of flying machines.

Design, fabrication, geometry as well as performance and choreography will be the subject of our studies.

From their earliest use as measurement tools for the city, the 2000 year old history of flying machines is deeply rooted in architectural investigations. Gliding between its leisurely vocation and its scientific relevance, we will immerse into this legacy starting from the world’s oldest form of air-craft: the kite.

The participants will be organized in groups each responsible for the design and creation of one kite, intended as an abstract architectural machine, a modern scientific toolbox or a folly worth of a tropical Grand Tour.

In parallel to that we will be building a drone as a tool to record and document our efforts as well as to interact with our other air-crafts.

We will be testing and flying our air-crafts on the mountains and the beaches of Oahu Island as wells as the roofs of Honolulu, gearing up for our final take off, when all we’ll have built will collapse into one great play.

AAVS Hawaii Dates: June 6 to 17, 2016
Registration Deadline: May 13, 2016
Director: Costantino Sambuy

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