This project is a design proposal conceived by Philip H. Wilck during his studies at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna under the guidance of Hernan Diaz Alonso. The project for a Concert Hall at the Stadtpark in Vienna rethinks the concept of a concert hall through the architectural emsemble of different geometrical and material configurations that offer the opportunity for a multilayered and complex music experience. The system includes central positioned classical, symmetric concert hall geometry, and two areas created as sound shells related to biological shell geometries (biomimicry) such as an ear or a muscle structure. Other elements provide spaces and areas for a fully energy self-sufficient building through host interaction and active materials.

Wilck rethinks the concert hall by intruding botanical gardens functioning as structure and evolving absolutistic symmetric building configurations that morph into free floating geometries. The project analyzes system hierarchies with an adequate circulation organization.

Key elements coming from Romanticism are also important for the proposal such as: untamed wilderness, the unfinished, and the validation of obscure perceptions. Committed to the futility to comprehend the world with the aid of rational systems, as well as from the inferiority of every perfect thought compared to the inherent laws of nature. A New Romanticism approaches new areas in design and architecture processes – emerging aestetic paradigms and systematic specifications.

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