Editors’ Choice
2020 Skyscraper Competition

German Sandoval Garduño, Ilse Guzmán Heredia

The Site for the proposed is a natural basin near Glaciar Torre; on the South of Chile, is a point of convergence between the continents with the most biodiversity loss, of intermediate logistics connection between America, Africa, and Oceania. The site is currently a beautiful snowy mountain landscape ready to house a project of this magnitude and with the ideal temperature for its requirements.

Aim of the project
The aim of the project is to reschedule, protect, and restart animal life to save the design of creation in case of catastrophes or wars. Through preservation techniques, assisted reproduction methods with the support of advanced technologies to reprogram the biodiversity as a reserve over the next several decades.

Consists in a bank which contains all the genetic material of the animal kingdom as well as biological, such as blood, bones, and leathers, deposited in small aluminum containers of 1.64 x 1.64 feet which are dragged through a system of electromagnetic joints in the corners that allows them to remain stacked in a vertical structure.

The program is distributed over 1968 ft. of height, with a structural core as main support, labs in the first levels and the classification of the DNA-Animal Kingdom over it. The interior arrangement is carried by groups of drones which they place the samples randomly to create the pareidolia effect on the viewer, the entire collection is arranged vertically considering the measures of a space cargo to place it in orbit with the help of the aerospace industry in case our planet suffers a catastrophe or nuclear war which puts its integrity at risk.

Materials and sustainable systems
We take advantage of the height above the landscape for collecting solar energy through panels that cover the EFTE facade lighting with UV protection anti-radiation, and provide energy to the entire structure, also has a rainwater collection system and a natural cooling system provided by the climate, some materials for its construction are obtained from the region avoiding costly maintenance.

Expected results
With the support of all the countries, independent foundations or anyone who wants to join, It will be a unique building in its kind, a majestic place to protect animal life for eternity. We calculated that by the end of the century through BESTIARIUM, the threatened species will be fully regenerated and the animal kingdom data collection completed, recovering the biodiversity and the natural balance.

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