Bicycle Skyscraper Network

By:  | April - 17 - 2015

Editor’s Choice
2015 Skyscraper Competition

Si Hoon Choi, Do In Kim, Tae Joon Jeong, Chang Han Lee, Seong Hyun Yoon
South Korea

The subway provides convenience to commuter during commute time as a transportation that is used by many people. However, because of high-rise buildings and city concentrated of population in the main cities even the convenient subway became uncomfortable in the time when many people use. We will rise the linear of the subway which connects essential area of city and the countryside into a upper part. It is because bicycle is the transportation which can be used during rush-hour rather than car or subway that has traffic jam and inconvenience. The Bicycle is an eco-friendly transportation that lessen carbon dioxide and also make people healthy. The government made ground drive way or bicycle road to give bicycle riders convenience but it is not really efficient in reality. The bicycle road is broken because of ground road system and the accident is increasing since the number of user in intersection of pedestrian and drive way. So we planned to make a bicycle road which connects vertical station of bicycle in the empty space above subway entrance.

The only bicycle vertical station is running with eco-friendly system. The electricity from Air-stack system, piezoelectric effect system, BIPV generates electricity to run the building. This vertical station and up-right highway would provide commuter an exclusive experience with awesome view and bicycle road without traffic jam.

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