Bubbles Urbanism for Berlin

By:  | August - 27 - 2010

The starting point of this project designed by Patrick Bedarf evolved during the research of the ongoing conflict between different social groups and their interest in one of the most attractive pieces of  land in the heart of Berlin: the Spree Riversides located between Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg.

Through iteratively distributing programmatic layers  from the surrounding city fabric into the site and systematically mixing volumes of different social characteristics, the geometry of the project adopted the shape of foam clusters. The quality of formal variety as a consequence of the heterogeneity of the overall system is implied by the design methodology of functional aesthetics. The project focuses on a spatial partitioning strategy of voronoi regions featuring a gradient-driven diversity with highly functional orthogonal structures as well as distorted and geometrically complex volumes. Pointclouds, generated from early studies of programmatic foam structures, are therefore manipulated locally depending on programmatic attributes.

The emerging spatial strategy offers interesting interactions with social-territorial typologies which are  described and  illustrated around the area of the created hybrid-cluster that interesects the existing “Viktoria” storehouse building.


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