This OFIS design was submitted into a competition for a carbon neutral office by the Slovenian public power supply company Elektro-Slovenija(ELES). For a site in Ljubljana, Slovenia, the solar powered office was custom designed to take advantage of local renewable energy sources.

OFIS created a site-specific energy system by studying rainfall and sunlight patterns and the renewable resources available in the area. Ljubljana is sunny for almost a half of the days of the year and receives around 1402 mm of rainfall a year, a slightly higher average than for most of Europe. OFIS put in place the enormous solar panel membrane around the office to take advantage of the high amount of sunlight, in the process defining the office’s exterior character. The amount of panels in the membrane is actually enough to generate the energy needed to complete the second phase of construction. The rainfall is incorporated into the office’s sanitation and watering systems, wind provides natural ventilation and groundwater is used in the climate control system.

The interior is formed with organic building materials and is defined by an open plan with atriums and space for greenery. The atriums act as connecting spaces between departments and offices, and open the interior up for natural lighting and ventilation. OFIS defines the building as “modern (and) rational…organized as a campus or miniature ‘city’”.

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