The topic of the upcoming EXPO 2015 in Milan is “Feeding the planet – Energy for life.” So how could a pavilion deal with that topic? It’s name is Biolosophy, a design by architecture student Patrick Vogel at Wismar University, Germany The basic idea was to design a building, that seems “alive” and maybe eatable. Food is getting scarce on the planet, and meanwhile the world population is increasing. One almost infinite resource that we have is algae. The building is created with special columns and beams, made of steel, concrete and acrylic glass with algae growing in it. So the visitor of the pavilion feels like they are moving in a huge cell structure and can watch the algae grow and also eat it.

The design deals with the global food crisis and shall show new possibilities that we should all observe. It should be seen as a food producing algae sculpture with a highly sustainable effect in terms of feeding the planet and dealing with upcoming global issues. We already have the technology for growing algae, decreasing CO2 through algae cultivation and producing healthy algae-food, so why not use it in a modern building?

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