Grass-to-Grid is an installation designed by Npsag, an architectural firm co-founded in 2008 by Nathan Petty and Sheena A. Garcia. Based in New Orleans, Npsag seeks opportunities to integrate different creative disciplines with technological advancements. In line with their design orientation, the Grass-to-Grid project uses architectural vocabulary to facilitate different activities generated by a musical manifestation.

Located at the edge of the Mississippi River, the installation directs the visitors from the entry area into the VIP segment and main event spaces. The triangulated surface of the object is a field of peaks that is varied from all angles of view. Using metal as material may be interpreted as a critical reference to the industrialization of the river banks. The installation meanders through space, creating small intimate resting areas. The custom, continuous graphic of the skin is a gradient that further reinforces variation between each of the project’s viewpoints. The project is intended to exhibit a high contrast graphic during daytime while retaining the capacity to transform into a nocturnal social space characterized by a striking, surreal glow through the use of UV backlights.


-> 2020 Skyscraper Competition Open For Participation

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