Helix Skyscraper For Refugees

By:  | October - 8 - 2018

Editors’ Choice
2018 Skyscraper Competition

Luis Daniel Pozo Torres

Project statement
… a year ago my family , mama , pa , my  oldest brother , my youngest sister and me  left our home and  our country, back then there were so many problems, pa says because politics, I still don’t understand  I only remember that we had to grab the most important things and get out of the city very fast.

We spent many days in many countries looking for a place to stay, then one day pa told us we where invited to go to the Helix, that sounded very strange and also exiting,  so we went there, when i first saw it I thought it was a big escalator to the sky, is was like an invitation to climb and leave the ground.

When we arrived we where welcomed with a meal and hot Chocolate, we spend many hours talking with many Doctors, then pa got a key and we went up with the elevator, that ride was fun because it was like been inside and sometimes outside with green gardens everywhere.  I still enjoy this ride.

Since then we all have been busy, my oldest Brother spends most of his time at the workshops he says learning and fixing he even met a girl,  in the early mornings pa and mama learn English later he helps at the kitchen along with other other parents and Mama as well, she also spends lots of time at the library and gardening at the terraces ,in the afternoon she picks me me and my little sister every from the learning center.

All this time at the Helix we meet a lot of people, in our floor there are old and young it seems like a big family  because everybody shares, knows and talks to each other.

We still don’t know for how long we stay here, but we will go home one day and then I heard that the Helix will go somewhere else, I even heard that this is not the only one.

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