The Icon Square houses a Peace Center, Community Center, and Eco Hotel designed by Kyle Duvernay and Mike Knowlton in located in Bunker Hill, Los Angeles. A 150,000 sq/ft lot invites the public in by creating a corridor across the site, and by uplifting the ground floors for minimal building footprint. A systematic power generator consisting of over 200 vertical wind turbines was created for the public to view and interact with. The expression of the Eco Hotel is complimented by the purity of the Peace Center by allowing them to share a common goal of sustainability in the community.

The city of Los Angeles has established goals that are trying to be resolved, but yet lack the resources to accomplish them. This site was created to do just that. Our five solutions for the city of Los Angeles; reducing coal as a power generator, lowering crime rate, enhancing public transportation, increase employment, and provide usable collaborative space for the community. Each solution answers to the majors needs and to the city of Los Angeles by creating a safe and sustainable city environment.

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