inFORMation is interested in animating architecture with information through form. Enriching information within the architectural forms has the ability to enhance the user’s ability to engage with the space. Our proposal has a series of agents operating at different scales that communicate to each other as well as to the users through postural changes. Encoded in each character’s posture is a formalised provocation that the user observes and interprets in order to respond to. Our agents invite responsive behaviours through coordination of agent-to-agent actions in order to promote coordination and facilitate activity of users to the architectural environment as well as to the users themselves.

MArch project thesis / Architectural Association: Kyle Onaga, Sara Abu-Saleh, Dieter Hans Matuschke, Johnathan Shillingford
under the guidance of Patrik Schumacher

animating-architecture-2 animating-architecture-3 animating-architecture-4 animating-architecture-5 animating-architecture-6 animating-architecture-7

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