The basic idea of the project is rooted in the notion of flows. It strongly references historical, environmental and even biological diversification and friction that shaped the contemporary city of Istanbul. The geometric form dominating the building is combined with typical Turkish patterns and ornaments, displaying both European and Asian cultural influences.

Located at the boundary between continents, the city of Istanbul is experiencing geophysical friction generated by the shifts of continental plates. The friction between two forces generates dramatic reaction of the elements; it can be transferred to all four basic elements in nature, with an impact determined by the level of energy. The same rule is applied to the urban environment. The layout of the structure reveals an atrium building, organized around the central square. The central area symbolizes aether, the 5th element in nature. Aether is also called, from Latin, ‘quinta essentia’ which stands for the element that unites the other four.

The entire building is divided into three sections: conference, educational and infrastructure. A shelter with a capacity of 150 people, divided into 2 parts, contains places to sleep, to sit, toilets and a place to prepare meals. It’s the last room to be visited during the trip around the Centre. The long corridor that leads to it demonstrates and recalls anxiety or even fear connected with situations in which it needs to be used.

-> 2020 Skyscraper Competition Open For Participation

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