Mao Statue Proposal

By:  | October - 21 - 2014

Since the first Chairman Mao Statue was built in 1967, there are hundred copies situated in China. The Mao Statue is located in Tianfu Square, Chengdu, Sichuan, China. The monument stands 30 m (98.4 ft) tall and depicts Mao Zedong with an outstretched arm. Before 1967, the site was occupied by an ancient palace from the Shu Kingdom of ancient Sichuan. The palace was destroyed by Red Guards and the moat around it filled in to make an air raid shelter in 1967. Half a century has passed, and the statues have become RED memories for the older generation but nothing for the younger generation. The youth doesn’t know why he stands here like a Buddha and no one has an answer to the question.

As a young Chinese architect, it is responsible to respond to the phenomenon and try to change the way how we look at Chairman Mao. He will be not a simple sculpture anymore but a landmark which represent modern China. It is like a Utopia, people in the space enjoy a full view of the city at present as well as its history. I unveiled this individual project to the government recently.

Wu Kai Xun, architect from China

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