Miniature Skyscraper

By:  | September - 22 - 2014

Eight stories high the building designed by Blauraum becomes a significant living landmark and stands out within the urban block. The crystal like and fully glazed street façade is divided into segments to reflect the shape of each unit. These individual glass segments are inclined in various directions and covered with a window film that vary in brightness. The result is a colorful and constantly changing rhythm of light and reflections.

The new building composed of rental units and retail space is located on Hoheluftchaussee, one of Hamburg’s main arteries leading to the city center. The primary concept is to fill a vacant lot and create high quality living space while taking into account the high traffic volume.

To counteract traffic noise an inhabitable double-skin façade similar to a loggia is created. It becomes a buffer between the lively street and the adjacent bedrooms. The layout of each apartment offers a southward facing open concept with a view onto the interior courtyard thus avoiding the busy street on the opposite side. During the planning process, the challenge was to create generous and open floor plans while working within the narrow margins of urban planning regulations. Each apartment has a balcony facing south as well as a loggia facing north – the Laubenzimmer.

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