Isaie Bloch experimented with form production at the Excessive studio II, Urban strategies, Die Angewandte Wien in Austria to produce a music pavilion that embraces monstrosity as a design tool.

How boring has perfection become?

Evidence of this lies in the fact that our contemporary design obsessions are based on an appreciation for the perversity of mutant form, a taste learned from the movies and set to work on architecture.

By subverting the logic of perfection and beauty, non-perfect images coming from controlled methodologies are generated. What used to be about mastering the result of a non-perfect process is now about the production of monstrosity and the grotesque throughout accurate mechanisms.

Key elements coming from Romanticism such as: ruinification, untamed wilderness, the unfinished and the validation of obscure perceptions are used as modus operandi. Intruding botanical gardens functioning as structure, dens calcified structures organizing circulation, decaying metal formations forming apertures and growing organic tissue transforming the internal morpholgy are all contributing to the architectural qualities of the design.

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