New York Tomorrow

By:  | August - 14 - 2014

Attacking the conventional residential tower model, characterized by anonymity and isolation, this building provides a living experience that would match social and urban dynamics of New York tomorrow. Cities are slow to adapt to the revolutionary technological changes that have occurred in the last 10 years, which have resulted in the ever increasing levels of digital, and crucially physical interaction. These changes manifest in this design through the magnificent lobby space open to the city, which could be used as a co-working area, an auditorium, etc. It transforms the whole experience of being in a residential tower, fostering communal well being. The soaring land prices pose a threat to the competitiveness of New York. It is crucial for the city to retain its ability to attract people. To address this the tower stems from an impossible site of 8ft by 70ft, on the corner of E68th street and Madison avenue, yielding housing close to work in the Midtown for hundreds of people.

Architects: Fundamental
Location: E68th street New York, NY, USA
Team: Ayrat Khusnutdinov, Zhang Liheng
Area: 138900sq.ft (12900sqm)
Year: 2014
Photo: Fundamental, New York Aerial Survey

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