Designed by Huston-based MA2 Studio, the project is a proposal for a multifunctional urban structure located on Saadiyat Island, UAE. The main purpose of the design is to create a center for gathering and storing knowledge. It attempts to avoid the typical appearance of contemporary libraries and establish a strong relationship between distinct programmatic contents. In line with this, the resulting structure emerges as a mix-use facility, comprising a media center, exhibition spaces, offices and housing capacities. Various platforms that surround the zones are articulated as public and semi-public spaces, markets and green roofs.

The tectonic form of the bridge is gradually developed into a vertical structure. Its vertebral robustness is combined with the aesthetics of curvatures and alternating intensities. Architecture is generated through the principles of genomic formation, comprised of “cybernetic components assembled by genetic relationships”. Those are aimed to develop complex formations that perform with intelligence. The body of the hyper-structure is thus transformed into a dynamic space, magnifying intensities and engaging influx of networks and systems. In its formal language, the structure accommodates existing activities and content, but also anticipates new ones. The complex topography offers a wide variety of use possibilities outside, as well as inside, or both at the same time.


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