Taking a non literal approach to the idea of plasticity PLYGROUND designed by Daniel D. Gillen is made with only three materials, plywood, sod and bolts, it is 100%  recyclable and re-usable.  Think of PLYGROUND as a 3d puzzle, wherein these pieces can be taken apart and re-assembled in 3 alternate configurations.  Four puzzles in one, now that’s plasticity! ‘PLYGROUND’ is an installation that brings together the community and academia by creating a place for endless possibilities.  PLYGROUND’s interactive landscape is perfect for reading, chatting, relaxing, and dreaming.  PLYGROUND sets a new precedent by bringing parametric fun and digital fabrication to the next generation of designers, our youth. Create a great spaced see how people interact in unintended and exciting ways.  How would you enjoy PLYGROUND?

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