With a view to create a quality environment in which to serve passengers and clients, the Kaohsiung Harbor Bureau, Ministry of Transportation and Communications of Taiwan R.O.C. has formulated a plan for the “Port of Kaohsiung Passenger Transportation District” and the construction of the “Port and Cruise Service Center”. The aim of the competition is to improve the passenger service facilities and the surrounding environment, providing the visitors with more convenient and comfortable facilities.  Furthermore, the plan will help promote international exchange and boost international as well as domestic tourism.

Designed by Maxthreads Architectural Design, the project’s task is to create a international gateway not only for the port and cruise service center as the entry and exit point, but also for local public leisure activities. The intimate interconnected relationship created between port and cruise service center and general public by revisiting port operational event is the key element of urban integration.

The proposal attempts to fuse adjacent international, local tourists, public transportation, education, and culture events together. Such as the next by love river riverside walk, Kaohsiung Maritime cultural popular music center, Kaohsiung national library and Singuang ferry wharf to its waterfront. It’s conceptual imperative is to cultivate in depth the transiting experience within the city and to serve as an extraordinary public destination. According to its formal and functional characteristics, the building’s main role is to represent an anchor at the city’s waterfront gateway and to establish itself as a significant circulation axis in the future.

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