Religious Idols Pavilion In India

By:  | December - 16 - 2014

Durga Puja being one of the biggest socio-cultural and religious festival in India, the temporary pavilions or pandals set up to house the idols act as public spaces.

The curve walls guide a visitor into the triple height pavilion interior and flow outward, folding and unfolding as one travels. The main idol is placed along the longitudinal axis, framed by the steel pillars.

Overall the design of the structure embodies how tradition can be preserved and celebrated within the modern mechanized society. It shows technology is not against tradition rather it fulfills its purpose through future generations, in their original ways.

The transformation from red to blue , from outside to inside , represents the journey from evil to good as one enters the sanctuary , drawing parallel to the tradition of using voluptuous , hedonistic sculptures outside the temple facades and imparts a complete feeling of holiness as one enters the inside sanctum . The four pillars, the trees of life connect the earth to the heaven above. The inscriptions on the laser cut metal sheets reminds one of the stone inscriptions of the ancient temples that were meant to deliver religious, social and moral messages to the mass.



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