This project by Olivier Brouillard from COMPLEX CITY is a media library, a space which preserves and gives access to audio-visual contents, sound documents and video recordings, material considered as cultural testimony with the same value than written documents.

Divided between paper and virtual information, it characterizes a reality of a modern way to use space, these places will evolve in a parallel manner to media progress but especially to technology progress, having as main support the computer supplied with Internet.

Designed in the area of Toulouse, this media library has the purpose of exalting the brick, an architectural material considered as a cultural patrimony of this region.

Elevations are made of two types of bricks: a varnish brick and an extruded brick with a technology which makes possible to collect solar energy during the day and to use it for lighting during the evening. Each extruded brick is located in a precise place, symbolizing a study of Internet network connections existing now a day. These networks create a random virtual map, bridge of internet connections, synonymous of “media” interconnections.

With a simple program, the interior is a sober space that encourages “media”tation, meditation, and lecture.

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