Revival Tower

By:  | August - 23 - 2018

Editors’ Choice
2018 Skyscraper Competition

Tomasz Wagner, Marta Jagoda, Agnieszka Dominik

Safe and proper utilization of wastes, which contains dangerous components, is  a challange for many industrialized countires. Developed countires produce more and more rubbish and instead of dealing with difficulties concerning proper disposal of wastes they export it to the countires of Third World, where processing of used electronics is the least expensive. Transfering wastes to the countries of Third World is forbidden by international law.

Ghana is one of the countries in which are stored e-wastes from all over the world. The most affected region is Agbogbloshie. Agbogbloshie is slums located in center of Ghana. It is one of the most contaminated place in the world. It’s the enourmous e-waste dump.Thousands of workers burn wastes and remove useful elements from electronics. Black, thick smoke rises up over the rubbish dump, which poison people and enviroment. In this area the most poor people spend all days. They hazard their health and life working in resource valueable materials from e-wastes. Most of e-wastes, which are transfer to Agbogbloshie, at first land in Durban city in RPA, Bizerte city in Tunesia and Lagos city  in  Nigeria. Delivers contain dangerous materials avoid Bazylea and Bamako convention.

After getting to Ghana delivers gets to illegal plant in Akra where used electronic devices are stored on dumps such as Agbogbloshie. E-wastes, which are renewed or recycled, are delivered to agent who transfer junk and scrap metals to international recycling companies in Europe, China and India. Not valuebale and not resourced components of e–wastes are burned. In result of inappropriate recycle the toxic pollution and heavy metals are reached to enviroment. Wastes which are left on fields and near to water tanks are eaten by land and water animals what has an influance on  enviroment degradation. Authorities of Ghana multiple times proposed destroying of Agbogbloshie, but this solution doesn’t solve the problem only transfer to other place.

Idea of the projects was to solve the problem of stored and growing rubbish dumps in Agbogbloshie.  Using the source available on site will solve the problem and recycling in such way which improve conditions of life and enviroment in Ghana. Amount of rubbish, which is used to construct a building, will be noticeable reduced from the earth. Recycling of rubbish is a tchnology used in designed building. Main construction materials are rubbish which looks like masonary bricks. After recycling and compacting wastes we get building materials. Used bricks are input into frame construction which stiffen all the building. Construction involves cubes with function of the building.

Revival tower solves also important problem which includes enviroment degardation. Toxic pollution, which gets into enviroment, and increase of polluton influence on destroying of fauna and flora. In effect of that causes a mass extinction  of many endangered species of plants and animals. Revival tower is nature sanctuary with scientific center. The aim of facility is preservtion of species and landscape of Ghana. The facility was divided in seven levels in which are two zones: living and working zone and for tourist.

On levels designated for employees additionaly on selected levels you can find small residential complexes for two, three and four people. On levels designed for tourists are educational rooms libraries, auditoriums  and gastronomic points. Vital detail of whole project are set of beehives which are located on each condignation, bees can use all of the cubes. Through special designed passageway networks. Revival tower is the place where nature will born again.

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