‘Screenplay’ is a 21-foot-long architectural installation designed and fabricated by the Los Angeles-based Oyler Wu Collaborative on view at the Los Angeles Convention Center as a featured installation of Dwell On Design 2012. This installation takes the form of a screen wall comprised of five modules, each more of five custom , intricately welded steel tube profiles. These twenty five profiles are in turn, strung with 45,000 linear feet of silver polypropylene rope, creating an oscillating and fluid sense of three dimensional movement from an aggregation of two dimensional lines.  The intention of Screenplay, Oyler Wu collective states, is to inspire “a sense of curiosity by slowly revealing its form and complexity through [the viewer’s] physical and visual engagement with the work.’ Screenplay is approached from a frontal perspective, revealing a relatively flat, though rich, composition of metal and rope ‘lines.’ As the viewer’s perspective shifts to the oblique, Screenplay takes on more spatial qualities, inviting both further exploration and wonder. Screenplay also incorporates a nested bench, located just off its center, providing seating for the viewer, and encouraging physical interaction with what would normally be considered a purely visual object.


Like much of their previous work, Screenplay was built by the firm itself, at break-neck speed, in the backyard of their Los Angeles offices, with the assistance of a myriad of student, friend, and even, family volunteers. The fast pace of construction and design, as well as the material constraints of the project demanded that the construction process be just as designed as the work itself, resulting in a truly unique approach to design and construction.

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