As an architectural problematic, the pursuit of this project by Fernando Herrera is to de-compose things/ objects legible to the organization of human meaning or program in the many-folded relations that cause objects to index and constitute vast economies of material formation, and which in turn allows them to emerge as tangible, concrete wordly facts. 

The program is a house in Los Angeles, a city that has a rich history of innovative and unconventional house ‘types’. A species needs a lineage to be acknowledged as such, indeed a type also needs a lineage to become such. The studio proposes to conduct an extensive research in the cellular logic and construction of structural instability. To radicalize the agenda of the autonomy of form, using the possibilities of kinetic movement. The house is an accumulation of materialized contours or “strands” that resonate from the topography and is a presupposition of the seismic activity that is linked with the area. Intense and relaxed bundling of the strands define fenestration and walls where the bundling gives surface.


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