The Cultural Campus designed byKadri Kerge, Jelena Vukmirovic, and Melanie Kotz is to be located near Ismailia, 80km north-east of Cairo, is a self sustainable organism, dealing with extreme climate. The campus consists of a School of Performing Arts (Music, Dance), a School of Visual Arts, a Residence Complex to house students and staff, a Performance Center for Music and Dance and a Contemporary Art Exhibition Gallery. The project is seeking for a new way of creating a modern campus by rediscovering typologies of private and public spaces, and connections between them.

Architectural concept is to performe communication between extreme desert and sustainable Campus. The project is a self-contained settlement. It relies largely on its own capacity to generate energy. Theconcept and spatial layout is designed to minimize energy consumption and to maximize use of surrounding natural conditions by conscientious incorporation of wind, photovoltaic farms, plantations, water basins, thermal mass, shading devices, etc.

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