This project was developed by Jungwook Lee as Design Thesis at Cornell University. The study is briefly summarized through three main topics. The first topic was to analyze the sense of smooth and striated space from Deleuze and Guattari’s philosophy book; ‘A Thousand Plateaus with Architecture Point of View’. The second part included the research of weaving structures characterized by striation that can mutate into smooth spaces. The last study was to re-define the massive grid system in Manhattan. This study proposes the alternative architectural result of the combination of smooth spaces with striated spaces.

To create the smooth space, this building uses a weaving structure applied by a parametric system of warp and weft conditions. A typical weaving system can be transformed from strict striated space to a smooth space that characterizes by its multiplicity and continuous variation. Through the application of these parametric elements, each sine frame has different formal and spatial conditions.

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