Is “complexity” anything more than a term to denote the extent of human stupidity, or rather, the limits of our perception?

When the rules governing a scenario cannot be read with ease, the scenario is described as being “complex” – it is difficult to understand; it appears to require some sort of deeper understanding. BUT, as we have seen, the rules are not necessarily any more complicated than the most trivial of scenarios.

So if the rules are still trivially simple (think, for example, of the mathematical operations we use to achieve these forms: +, – , /, *), what is it that is more “complex”? The outcome (of our scripts), of course, contain more surfaces, more lines, more etc etc., but is it really more complex – or are we just too stupid?

Emergent Technologies and Design [EmTech] @ Project Review Exhibition Architectural Association London
Tutors: Marina Konstantatou, Vincenzo Reale, Giancarlo Torpiano
Students: Mara Moral Correa, Christopher Hill, Swapnil Gawande, Kais Al-Rawi, Suraj Suthar, Abdel Halim Chebab, Pradeep Devadass, Marie Boltenstern, Chun-Feng Liu, Javier Alejandro Cardos Elena, Filiz Toptan, Soungmin Yu, Julia Koerner, Mary Margaret Polites, Dennis Goff, Sushant Verma, Goli Jalali, Aarathi Murali, Guy Austern, Jacky Jie Chen, Yung-Yuan Huang, Sebastiaan Leeknegt, Federico Martelli, Eleni Meladaki, Andriani Souzou, Lei Liu, Theerapat Jirathiyut, Bartek Arendt, Mohamad Makkouk, Amin Hassanpour

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