TENACITY is an architectural research proposal by PinkCloud (Leon Lai, Kate Lisi, Eric Tan)┬áseeking to revitalize long neglected and socially disadvantaged Public Housing communities in New York City. Of New York City’s 8 million residents, there are over 400,000 residents currently living in poverty and deteriorating conditions within New York City’s public housing system. Of the over 2,500 buildings in the city’s public housing stock, most were built during the late 1940s until the mid 1960s; all remain today in various states of disrepair and neglect. Their designs reflected the popular motif of city planning of the day, that of the “Towers in the Park”. Envisioned by architects such as Le Corbusier as the answer to urban poverty, it ultimately resulted in its exacerbation.

TENACITY seeks to revitalize the broken system of New York City Public Housing through architectural development, economic stimulus, education, and most importantly – community pride. The goal for this project is to be a catalyst for dialogue, spurring community and governmental action.

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