Editors’ Choice
2020 Skyscraper Competition

Surendar Jayachandran, Jayashree, Achshaya Ramooji

Man has been one of the root causes of the deterioration of the globe. The glorious 21 st century has not only paved its way into unimaginable human inventions but has also seen some of the unbearable threats and calamities all over the world. One of the most horrendous events was the 2019-2020 Australian bush fires. Out of the 50,000 many fires, the latest were the most vigorous and deadliest of them all. It took over tens and millions of lives of animals and few human lives as well. It has also forced the evacuation of entire communities.

The ultimate aim of “The ARK” will be focused on to the protection, shelter, restoration, and enrichment of the “flora and fauna” of the flaming fire lands of Australia, or be it any other “fire endangered” forests. Through this scrapper design, there wouldn’t be any more drastic loss of lives, extinction, trauma or tragedy. The ARK is designed to be a self-sustained adaptive being of the jungle. They behave like a native of their space that hosts their mates at times of need and danger. They are so designed to resemble the tall local mountain ash trees (Eucalyptus) of Australia, who happen to possess a tallest growth record of about 80 m. Our ARK stands to a majestic 100 m high with various other nurturing features to the traumatized creatures. In short, this design is an attempt to physically create Mother Nature and her so many qualities as a sky scrapper to the harmless creatures of the woods.

With basic instincts of creation, the animals first run to a place of safety in search of protection. Some survive the run, some injured and many died in this span within the course of which human help arrives which also isn’t practically capable of saving tons and millions stuck, suffering and dead already.

An ARK’s soul existence stands for such events. There are quite some features which mentally and biologically attracts the endangered into its safe haven. These features turn on to action either with self-detection of the change in weather, unusual habitat behavior or any sort of suspicious calamities. On the other hand, these various facilities can be brought unto work through computer programming in cases of early weather forecast information. In that case, a lot more lives can be saved and lesser loss to be faced.

Microclimate Synthesis
Once identified with an alien effect, The ARK at once creates a relatively cooler microclimate by dissipating fog throughout the entire structure forming a wholesome cloud creating a misty tower. With the height being a major factor of attraction to the panicked, (psychological need to run towards a taller shelter) they are already one step closer to our safe house. Another basic instinct of survival will be to run in search of a cooler hideout. And this perfectly would direct them all without doubt into the ARK, where they not only will be protected from the Blaze and Smoke but also will be fed and given shelter until their natural habitat is back to normal to return to.

The tower also supports all Man-made interventions to fight the fire and restore things to normal starting from Supply for Fire fighting until seed shooters to restore the destroyed forest. The program is as explained.

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