Looking at The Station 5 Water Tower designed by Ariel Noyman, one can not but recall Mendelsohn’s design for Einstein Tower. Not comparable by aesthetic sensibility nor by programmatic parameters, both structures emphasize the possibility of turning small non-commercial  facilities into valuable urban landmarks. Allocated along a network spreading across the city, these now outdated and usually vandalized architectural études seek reinvention, thus eliciting valid design excitement.

As the finalist submission to the “Water Tower-new perspectives” Competition in 2010, Station 5 attempts to revitalize an important town square surrounded by municipality buildings and primary urban institutions. Being a checkpoint for an organized cultural tour, it will offer a variety of educational and cultural activities. Furthermore, it will function as a lookout and a leisure attraction assuming the role of a true city icon.

On the entry level, the lower water pool will be converted into an exhibition space displaying the history of the local site and the city. The open gap of concrete columns between the lower and the upper pool will be transformed into a vertical garden, holding observation shafts and explanations points. The upper concrete pool cylinder will host lectures and movies; a wide porch will offer panoramic views, while the rooftop of the tower will function as a cafeteria accessible at all times.

The old concrete elevation of the water tower is coated by metal nets covered with climbing vegetation. The new façade will contribute to a fresh and modern appearance of the Tower, turning irreversibly the old Mr. Hyde into the refined and distinguishable Dr. Jekyll.

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