The Swiftbird Skyscraper

By:  | August - 16 - 2018

Editors’ Choice
2018 Skyscraper Competition

Alon Rubovitch

In the electric-shared-autonomous transportation era which coming upon us, it can be imagined that things like parking and private cars will be no longer relevant. The debate about this  change in the world has many aspects, such as safty, privacy, efficiency and more. tough the biggest change that is around the corner and sooner than people might think, is that passangers drone will be an integral part of our transportation system.

These man-carrying drones have many advantages. Ostensibly, they have no need in infrastructures – Drones need only a levelized surface to land and the air to fly through.

This 3D transportation is not limited to the street level entrance of the building, and potentially can get to any floor. On the other side, these abilities have some down sides too. The drones use a lot of energy to stay in the air, which causes a lot of noise, wind and dust which we do not want in our streets.

In this optimistic scenario, flight zone is 100 meters above the street . This will ensure that the businesses, restaurants and public spaces will remain flourishing. In order to enable the city dewellers the capabilities of the drone, light structures made of a tensioned membrane reinforced with cables that will be built above the existing buildings in the city (in this case, barcelona). The membranes will be the only gateway of the drones to the street level, they will, as wall, carry an additional building for offices, apartments, and other uses.

The membrane, just like the human ear membrane or microphones, will translate noise into vibrations, which will be converted to electricity, thus, a negative aspect of the drone will become positive and the structure will recycle energy.

The role of the architecture in this project is to make sure that the revolutionary technological change will have a positive effect on our quality of life, and not a negative one.

This project is located at Exiample district in Barcelona, spain, but the concept is for every urban enviorment in the world.

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