MenoMenoPiu Architects & FHF Architectes teamed up and designed this mega-stadium in Tokyo to be versatile in cultural use as well as versatile in visitor experience. Their stadium concept is a competition entry proposal of an elliptical spiral which gradually unrolls and forms the built space with a slope of 2%. This disposition aims to offer the public a perfect visibility from all of the gardens.

The stadium and its neighborhood are an integrated part of the city. The entry and exit of the stadium are made through three different circuits— an eliptical ramp including an indoor and outdoor circuit serving different gardens, 16 elevator platforms (100 people per platform) for areas of 5,000 spectators, and stairs in each area of ​​5,000 people with 16 passage units. Thus, the stadium can be evacuated in 15 minutes.

The stadium is the symbol of vitality. It is a place where you can stay before and after the event. The viewer is not only the host of the tadium, but also within an inhabited neighborhood of shopping, cinema, restaurants, hotels, housing, sports facilities, gardens and public places. All of these transform the stadium from a monument into a more familiar place, which provides its visitors with an increased freedom of social interaction. 

The superstructure is divided into two parts: the eliptical spiral which turns and forms the stadium and an exterior structure which allows the insertion of facilities such as offices, apartments, amphitheatres, and miscellaneous commercial spaces. This second structure is the support of the extension and helps integrate the stadium into the city. The skin of the stadium is an opaque metal structure, covered with opaque and translucent photovoltaic panels. The fixed part, elliptical in shape, is covered with opaque photovoltaic cells

The stadium is sheltered by a mobile roof, which can be adapted for all types of situations. The focal lens opens and closes upon being thermally triggered. This multifunctionality profoundly changes the nature of the stadium and makes it undoubtedly indispensable for the city.

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