Woven Urban Pavilion in Sao Paulo

By:  | February - 5 - 2016

Photo: Luciana Roça

The Trançado project is an urban furniture located at Largo da Batata, São Paulo, Brazil, selected by Batatalab competition held by the Instituto A Cidade Precisa de Você (The City Needs You Institute) and IPIU Instituto de Pesquisa e Inovação em Urbanismo (Institute of Urbanism Research and Innovation).

The first premise of the proposal is the competition theme “Shadow,” which initially refers to a closed cover. However, factors such as visual contact with the surroundings and the wind incidence on site, incited a project that also contemplated permeability. Another important aspect was the visual experience for citizens and reflection on how to achieve a compelling aesthetic that could offer interesting patterns of shadow. All these parameters should be aligned to the budget available.

During the design and building process, digital resources were employed for evaluating the performance of materials, structural strength, visual permeability, sensory experience and pedestrian flow, combined with parameters of sunlight incidence and shadow in order to ensure the most efficient weaved for this project.

Due to the geometric complexity of weave, code data were extracted and generated sequence to weave string; it rationalized the process, making it simpler.

It is hoped that the people at the Largo da Batata, Sao Paulo, Brazil, find comfort and sensory pleasure to transit or stay. The Trançado furniture is an interface for what truly matters: the occupation of public space, encounters, and living spaces.

Project details

Project Title: Trançado
Architects: Quasares (Dyego Digiandomenico, Gabriele Landim, Henrique Fischer)
Area: 21 m²
Location: Largo da Batata – São Paulo-SP – Brazil
Year: 2015
Status: built
Competition: Batatalab by Instituto A Cidade Precisa de Você e IPIU Instituto de Pesquisa e Inovação em Urbanismo (The City Needs You Institute and IPIU Institute of Urbanism Research and Innovation)
Blacksmithing: Marcos Paulo Ferreira
Weave team: Anibal Pereira Junior, Dyego Digiandomenico, Gabriele Landim, Henrique Fischer, Luciana Roça, Nayara Benatti
Photos: Luciana Roça, Thiago Miagy, Rogério Canella
Painting: Nova Pintura
Rope: Acord Comércio de Cordas

Photo: Thiago Miagy

Photo: Luciana Roça

Photo: Thiago Miagy

Photo: Rogerio Canella


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