Dubai Wind-Powered Skyscraper

By:  | October - 17 - 2022

2022 Skyscraper Competition
Editors’ Choice

Tiaglin Denis Valentinovich, Balash Ruslan Sergeevich, Sudarkina Victoria Alekseevna, Ermakova Ekaterina Alekseevna 


Wind-powered Skyscraper is a new high-tech complex of buildings based on the principle of using an environmentally friendly renewable energy source – wind, which is everywhere. The concept was developed on the territory of modern Dubai, however, the complex can be located anywhere in the world, with strong and weak winds, since already at 4 m/s it is able to generate electricity and provide itself with it up to 200% of its own needs.
The complex consists of four to five modules-buildings twisted around a fixed axis with rotors. The modules are interconnected by a common platform and technical floors. This form, built on the basis of the DNA model, ensures the spatial stability of buildings.
The technological process consists in converting the energy of the ambient air flow into hydraulic energy, followed by its use to drive generators that generate electricity. The streamlined shape of the buildings is chosen in such a way that it concentrates the air flow and gives it the vector of optimal impact on the air rotory unit. The air flow concentrated by buildings and directed by aerodynamic shields to the blade systems of individual modules creates rotation of their rotory blocks around a static axis. The modules are separated by fixed platforms having a rigid connection with the frames of peripheral structures in combination with a supporting column.

  • In comparison with a propeller wind turbine, the use of a wind turbine with a vertical axis of rotation allows:
  • Place it directly in the urban environment, which eliminates the use of extended power lines;
  • Place generating modules at different heights up to 1000 meters;
  • Use a gravitational energy storage device;
  • Ensure low speed and absence of infrasound.

In the first floors of buildings, it is possible to locate a shopping and entertainment center, production equipment, parking, in the upper part – residential and administrative premises, offices, data centers, hydroponics farms. The platform combines the modules into one building and ensures the stability of the fixed axis. There is a park around the building, divided symmetrically into a public and residential area.

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