eVolo’s Kickstarter campaign for the book [ours] Hyper Localization of Sustainable Architecture ends at noon on August 31. As the 21st century unfolds new paradigms in architecture are evolving where environmental awareness merges with a new sense of place. [ours] uncovers the best in environmentally astute building design so don’t miss your chance to help support the investigation of the new architectural archetype in three distinct regions and to receive some unique rewards.

Author Andrew Michler, in partnership with the Institute for the Built Environment, will explore projects that demonstrate how [Japan Condenses], [Spain Wraps], and [Australia Unfolds], from tiny homes to striking high rises and everything in between. Each project highlighted assumes bold innovation, technically and aesthetically, to become markers for striking 21st century low impact architecture. What these buildings have in common is how hyper localized design informs and is informed by the places and cultures they are in.

Along with being able to preorder the book at a discount, you can get a PDF of the chapter [Japan Condenses], a copy of eVolo Magazine #04, exclusive transcripts of our conversations with architects, and even a set of the playfully parametric handmade zenblocks made especially for this campaign. Your contribution helps us provide the best information for the book by supporting research internships, camera and recording equipment, and travel costs so we can get up close and personal with the buildings and their creators. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to contribute to this important, ground breaking project.

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