Lucasfilm’s Singapore Headquarters is a narrow V-shaped building, enveloped by a glass skin that resonates with mythological aesthetics of the famous movie franchise. The sleek elevations facing the streets shelter a lush garden space situated at the center of the site. The public garden reveals the building’s inside as a vibrant environment, with its terraces overgrown with foliage, the timber and natural stone paving. Architects at Aedas designed an office building that will also assume the appearance of a movie inspired ecosystem.

The new facility will hold offices for nearly every division of Lucasfilm, including the movie studio itself, video game developer LucasArts, Lucasfilm Animation, and Lucasfilm Television. It’s an eight-storey complex that will house a state-of-the-art theater, which can be used for screenings, premieres or other events. Next to the theater will be a conference wing for use by LucasFilm or other offices.

The envelope structure comprises a low-iron glass layer and a second metallic-frit dot layer underneath, achieving a high degree of reflectivity, while allowing for daylight to reach into the offices without soaking up solar heat gain. The interior courtyard is more private and uses clear low-iron glass for a maximum utilization of natural lighting.


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