Finalist  – 2010 Skyscraper Competition

Stéphanie Durniak, Baptiste Franceschi, Anthony Frutoso, Caroline Mangin


The city of Marseilles is one France’s principal urban hubs that attract thousands of new residents each year. It has been designated World Cultural Capital for 2013 and many new urban developments are underway. The “Euroméditerranée” project is one of the most important ones and aims to give a new maritime façade to the north.

The idea behind this project is to create a vertical village that integrates to the tens of villages that configure the city. Each village has its own character and function. This project will have housing, offices, commerce, and recreational areas; gardens and parks will be incorporated as public terraces between the different programs and will serve as meeting places for the community. 



To commemorate the 9th Annual Skyscraper Competition, eVolo is publishing the Limited Edition Book "eVolo Skyscrapers 2" which is the follow-up to its highly acclaimed book “eVolo Skyscrapers”. The 628-page book examines 150 projects received during the last years of the competition. Only 1000 copies are available worldwide.

-> EVOLO SKYSCRAPERS 2 - Limited Edition Book

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