Holiday Skyscraper in Sentina

By:  | December - 15 - 2009

Special Mention
2007 Skyscraper Competition

Anna Rita Emili


Special Mention

Special Mention


Sentina is an abandoned and degraded place situated in Italy’s west coast. The space dimension of this almost uncontaminated landscape needs a new construction that takes into consideration history and nature.

Our project traces a track of this landscape, a linear axis, a mixture of history and contemporary life: a route that highlights the presence of ancient country houses and an axis that ends unavoidably at the sea. Therefore the road as a bi-dimensional entity is transformed into a three-dimensional element, thanks to a vertically constructed space. Detaching itself from earth, it partly contains a route equipped with mastings, a canal, sporting and playing areas.

As it meets the line of the sea, the road bends, transforming into a skyscraper, which is one hundred and fifty meters high. It is an element which, without any mediation between the space and the surrounding nature, establishes a pure and decisive contrast between horizontal and vertical, between nature and artifice, between ancient and modern. The skyscraper contains lodging, services, communal and exhibition spaces, shops, and restaurants.


Board - 1

Board – 1


Board - 2

Board – 2

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