Interactive Transition

By:  | December - 15 - 2009

Special Mention
2008 Skyscraper Competition

Tingxing Tao
United States


Special Mention

Special Mention


Interaction is the influence of two systems on one another, which can be understood as interchange and interrelation between the two. Transition means the connection from one status to another, or a gradual or sudden transformation between the two parts. Living-Tower is designed as a vertical strategy that situates itself within the most complex urban context- Shanghai, which is considered as the fastest-developing city in the fastest-developing country. Emphasis of this project is given to examining the idea of the interactive transition within and outside a building.

The theme, interactive transition, emerges when two systems react to each other. First of all, with a flexible-weaving base, the tower is a self-organizing creature, standing above a sophisticated highway joint, not only creating a new relationship between the architecture and the vehicular circulation, but also saving a huge amount of space within the urban area.

Interface between Units
Apartments are defined by their users, and the overall shape of the building is a response to these forces. Bridges are the result of reaction between these tubular units. Transition spaces connect different families, different generations, create the possibility of communication within the neighborhood.

Program & Geometry
We obtained the geometrical results thanks to the analysis of the architectural program.. The building is characterized by nodes which provide space for amenities and public recreation.

Horizontality & Verticality
At the base of the tower, there is interaction with the environment. The legs of the tower spread out, between the highway. The landscape becomes a mix of horizontality and verticality. A Living-Tower is explicit as a strategy towards a progressive building prototype idea, seeking a dialogue between the rapidly transforming city and its inhabitants. Architecture itself becomes an infinite feedback loop into the future.


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