Ritual Tower

By:  | December - 15 - 2009

Special Mention
2007 Skysrcaper Competition

Raymond Bourraine
United States


Special Mention

Special Mention


The Ritual Towers are multi-purpose structures, challenging wood architecture to produce an iconic and green project. Designed to aid small towns in poverty, the towers are located in the Pentecost Islands.The design generates power and pumps fresh usable water, at the same time it can be used for the Naghol leaping rituals. The iconic shape comes from the idea of energy in the form of a flame. The design is composed by two towers. The first tower is the wind tower, with turbines that generate energy. The second tower is the water tower and reservoir.

To better understand the context, the island is pure virgin land. Therefore, placing a self powered water tower is fit for this natural habitat. The tower is made exclusively of wood and is tied together with steel connections, rope, and vine, for structural support; with the beauty of vernacular architecture.

The skin is made of twisted vine found on the island, which is the same vine used to jump off of the tower. The vine skin will also eventually grow foliage, which will climb and cover the whole tower. In the end, a design for the land diving Naghol ritual.


Board - 1

Board – 1


Board - 2

Board – 2

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