Air Purification Skyscraper

By:  | August - 22 - 2019

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2019 Skyscraper Competition

Isra Kamal Khurshed

Major types of pollution include air pollution, light pollution, noise pollution, thermal pollution, and water pollution. Pollution is one of the most serious problems in the world that we are facing now, it consists of chemicals, particles in the atmosphere- most of the substances that come from human activities.

Most of the pollution comes from fossil fuel, greenhouse gases, transportation, and industrial plants, pollution sources will enter the atmosphere then they will be dispersed around the globe, leading to global warming.

The Middle East is suffering from rising in temperature, especially Iraq, the amount of air pollution in Iraq is more than other neighbor countries according to research and accurate data.

POLLUTION DRUGS is designed to reduce environmental problems that originated after industrial-technological revolutions.

After 1990 in the middle east, especially Iraq’s environment from green turned to grey after 2000’s Iraq recorded the highest level of natural resources consumption, another problem that we faced after 2002 is a series of wars that occurred in Iraq, too many chemical weapons have been used, unfortunately, affected on people’s health negatively. Another problem that we are suffering from it is the lack of public awareness about air pollution also lack proper advanced centers that could invent new solutions and find the latest green technologies (inventions) for keeping the planet green.

HYPOTHESIS: How the imagination of architecture can respond to the pollution problem?

The program contains three main functions:

  1. Air purification machine.
  2. Advanced science research centers, control centers.
  3. The project contains research centers specializations for the environment and biosphere problem’s that could provide advanced, effective, and feasible solutions for local and international challenges.

PURIFICATION MECHANISM: Sensors will give the orders to the control center -control center will automatically send the capsules to the polluted area, each capsule contains 4 sub capsules which will be separated over there, the capsules filtered the polluted area by collecting CO2 and air contents, each sub- capsule could purify 36 cubic m per 15 min, then go back to the main station to charge itself with artificial intelligent program.

SENSORS: The tower surrounded by smart sensors which will give data to control center to send capsules to the polluted area and prevent the building from any environmental or natural effects that cause damage to the building, it’s Nanotechnology glasses covered with sensors and it works as structure & sensors.

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