A new cultural development in Frederiksberg, Denmark is on the works by BIG architects. The main idea is to create a new city monument for culture and movement that systematically blends programmatic elements with a spontaneous interaction.

The site is located in a crossroads of city bike paths, train routes and pedestrian pathways. While addressing this contextual issue, the project provides a framework for programmatic mixing which first stacks vertically and then fans out horizontally to provide a visual and physical overlap of elements.

This 180 degree array creates a variety of spaces ranging from the intimate to the monumental and provides accessible roofscapes that carry and blend function to the outdoors while engaging the surrounding context.


United States orders - EVOLO SKYSCRAPERS 3 (limited edition book 500 copies)

International orders - EVOLO SKYSCRAPERS 3 (limited edition book 500 copies)

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