Grand Cancun designed by Richard’s Architecture + Design will be the world’s first luxury eco-tourism resort that responds to our energy crisis and local fossil fuel dependency of the city. This is a vision for the year 2020 where Cancun will celebrate its 50th founding anniversary, a landmark or a memorial sculpture which is adapted from “KUKULKAN” and the magical legend of the Mayan Serpent God. This awesome eco-architecture contributes to the myth and raises the serpent from water to infinity, a great representation of exceptional harmony between Mayan people and their new metropolis.

Grand Cancun would become the first marine platform of positive energy, of the 3,600 negative energy resorts in the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean. It utilizes the platform concept instead of an artificial island, thus, creating more space yet less impact in the fragile marine ecosystem. The mega building will be totally self-sufficient, there will be hotels, convention centers, malls, and cinemas. It has zero-carbon footprint while providing the city clean drinking water and energy from renewable resources. But the ultimate goal is to help clean the seas; the technology used will separate water from hydrocarbons and floating solids.

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