This project designed by Giacomo Pala is the result of the contrast between elaborately formal and incoherent shape and program: a detailed investigation of real specific housing problems in relation to the expansion of the city of tomorrow and the issues of globalization.

The project is divided in two parts: the upper one is the housing block where 650 people can live.
There are four Typologies of apartments: 1. Apartments for singles or couples ( 60 %) 2. Apartments for four people ( 17 %) 3. Apartments for three people ( 17 %) 4. Double height apartments for four people ( 6 %)

The second part of the building is the lower one which is composed by the public spaces. This part of the building is a 3 floors block (containing sports Clubs, Swimming Pools and gyms) defined by a dynamic shape and not directly connected to the housing part in order to maintain a diversification of the public, semipublic and private spaces.

How can we look at the world today?
How can we imagine a project for the future in a realistic way?
We know now: Reality is not “Reality”.
Reality is an Incoherent and dense mix of realities.
It is a swarm which we generically call “reality”.
How can we use it to design?

To commemorate the 9th Annual Skyscraper Competition, eVolo is publishing the Limited Edition Book "eVolo Skyscrapers 2" which is the follow-up to its highly acclaimed book “eVolo Skyscrapers”. The 628-page book examines 150 projects received during the last years of the competition. Only 1000 copies are available worldwide.

-> EVOLO SKYSCRAPERS 2 - Limited Edition Book

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