Due to a lack of integrated social, cultural, and urban systems, downtown Los Angeles lacks continuous human activity. This project designed by architects Yang Wang and Stephen Silva explored the human muscular system and applied it to an architectural vision. One of the most interesting parts of the muscular systems is how each muscle has its own identity, yet they work in a choreographed way. In a similar fashion, each program in this tower has its own volume but they are interlocked to work together. Each program supports the next one and sustains continuous activities for 24 hours. The idea is infuse downtown Los Angeles with nightlife when it is normally deserted.

To commemorate the 9th Annual Skyscraper Competition, eVolo is publishing the Limited Edition Book "eVolo Skyscrapers 2" which is the follow-up to its highly acclaimed book “eVolo Skyscrapers”. The 628-page book examines 150 projects received during the last years of the competition. Only 1000 copies are available worldwide.

-> EVOLO SKYSCRAPERS 2 - Limited Edition Book

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