This design for the Fresh Kills landscape by Barker Freeman Design Office engages visitors and the environment into generating energy using piezoelectricity, which is the conversion of mechanical movement into electricity. Energy from wind, sound vibration, and human movement can collectively be harvested from the movement of natural piezoelectric materials embedded in walkable surfaces and bendable wind-capturing stalks and streamers. Systems of piezoelectric components are combined to create a series of spaces, including walking trails, a “playscape,” and an amphitheater that support a range of activity for the Park as a destination for large-scale events as well as for more individual recreational activities.

The surface system is comprised of reclaimed wood plank decking arranged in a chevron pattern activates piezoelectric film through pressure from walking or biking. The wind system is a curving, tapering bamboo fiberglass stalk and attached “kite” that activates energy generation through bending. The vibration system is a rigid structural network of bamboo fiberglass struts with attached “hairs” of piezoelectric film that generate energy from vibration. An indication system comprised of a network of LED lights is embedded in all three systems will illuminate on a chromatic scale to indicate areas of energy generation and levels of harvesting intensity.

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