RED is fashion, RED is flamboyance….Faceted in solid aluminum, the facade of the project is a mammoth  ruby set on a black pedestal. Palliated with a veil of green – The bold union of extravaganza and class. The project required to be glamorous and exhibit an attitude. It is designed in compliance to the end users which are jewelers, brand stores and corporate houses. It needed to portray a sense of attraction with systematic architectural understanding to create strong visual connectivity with exploration of different materials, solid colors and state- of- the art finishes. The structure evolves itself as a sculpture enhancing its face value and scale.

RED facade is the spectacular facial expression of the conceived thought process…constructed from customized factory made aluminum modules.

REEN facade comprises of thin retractive metal wire frame work on which creepers form a thick screening. The green veil bays from the terrace leading down to the parking along the sides of the building brackets the office spaces in a refreshing green.

Design: Onus Design

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